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Depazur Engineering, your partner for record-breaking product and technical solutions,
caters to a diverse range of markets and industries..

Non destructive testing

Assuring Quality with NDT

At Depazur, we excel in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), preserving equipment integrity. Our advanced methods detect cracks, voids, and more. Trust Depazur for lasting equipment excellence.

Non Destructive
Testing Services

Pictogram eye Visual NDT


We employ advanced visual inspection methods to identify surface irregularities and potential issues.

Pictogram Ultrasonic Testing


Our ultrasonic techniques help detect internal defects and discontinuities in materials.

Pictogram Magnetic Testing

Magetic Particle Inspection

We use magnetic fields and particles to locate surface and near-surface flaws in ferrous materials.

Pictogram Thermography Testing


Infrared thermography enables us to identify temperature variations and potential defects.

Pictogram Liquit Penetrant

Liquid Penetrant

We use liquid penetrants to locate surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials.

Pictogram Leak Testing


Our specialized methods help detect and locate leaks in various systems.

Technical Testing

Expert Technical Assessments

Dive into precision with Depazur's Technical Testing. Our experts, advanced tech, and methodologies ensure your systems operate optimally. From performance validation to environmental simulations, we guarantee durable, efficient machinery for seamless operations and unmatched output.

Manufacturing on demand

Customized Production Solutions

Embrace customized solutions with Depazur's Manufacturing on Demand. Unique projects require tailored solutions. Design your equipment with us. Our experts craft components and assemblies to your exact specifications. Access superior quality equipment, enhancing your project's efficiency.